Why all parents have a favourite child

The Telegraph: In front of me I have two so-called “baby books”, both given to me as presents, in which I was supposed to chronicle the infant achievements of my sons, George and Johnny. George’s has been meticulously filled in: everything from the names of the midwives who delivered him More

Consistency Of A Mother’s Psychological State Vital To Child Development, New Study Shows

The Huffington Post: Developing infants can sense what their mothers are feeling, but in an unusual twist, authors of a new study suggest it isn’t necessarily a woman’s mental state that matters — i.e. whether or not she’s depressed — but rather the consistency of the woman’s psychological state before More

Babies may benefit from moms’ lasting melancholy

ScienceNews: A double dose of mom’s depression may do a baby good. Infants generally thrive physically and mentally if their mothers’ emotional condition, whether healthy or depressed, remains stable before and after birth, say psychologist Curt Sandman of the University of California, Irvine, and his colleagues. Kids whose mothers stayed More