Thinking of Science Strengthens Moral Fiber

Pacific Standard: Want to be a better person? Spend more time thinking about science. That’s the implication of newly published research, which finds people who study science—or even are momentarily exposed to the idea of scientific research—are more likely to condemn unethical behavior, and more inclined to help others. “Thinking More

Do-gooder or Ne’er-do-well? Behavioral Science Explains Patterns of Moral Behavior

Does good behavior lead to more good behavior? Or do we try to balance our good and bad deeds? The answer depends on our ethical mindset, according to new research published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science. Psychological scientist Gert Cornelissen of the Universitat Pompeu More

What a Mess: Chaos and Creativity

The Huffington Post: One of the most influential ideas about crime prevention to come out in recent years is something called the “broken windows theory.” According to this theory, small acts of deviance — littering, graffiti, broken windows — will, if ignored, escalate into more serious crime. In practice, this More