Robert G. Crowder 1939-2000 Robert G. Crowder, noted experimental psychologist and memory theorist, died on July 27, 2000 at age 60 from complications of diabetes. He leaves behind a legacy of accomplishment, both personal and professional, and will be sorely missed. Crowder’s career began coincident with the birth of cognitive More

Pick up the phone, dial your 11-digit calling card number … then punch in your 14-digit access code … then the 11-digit long distance phone number you’re calling. Punch in the extension of the person you’re calling. “At the tone,” tell the answering machine your daytime phone number and extension More

APS sponsors the William James Distinguished Lecture at the meetings of regional psychological associations as part of an overall effort to work more closely with the regional groups. The following report summarizes the presentation by John Jonides at the Western Psychological Association’s 2001 meeting. Reports on APS William James Lectures More