Biases in Autobiographical, Interpersonal, and Social Memories Anne E. Wilson, chair Wilfred Laurier University Presenters Benjamin R. Karney University of Florida Richard P. Eibach Yale University John J. Skowronski Northern Illinois University According to a popular maxim, those who don’t remember the past are doomed to repeat it. But what More

Organized by Fergus Craik, John Furedy, Colin MacLeod, and Bennet Murdock, University of Toronto Norman J. Slamecka and his wife Jan were killed suddenly in a pedestrian accident in Lewes, Delaware on August 2, 2003. Norman was born in Chicago, Illinois on September 20, 1928. He did his undergraduate studies More

When we talk about being happy, what do we really mean? We know that happiness comes from a variety of sources, depending upon a person’s point of view. But according to APS Fellow Daniel Kahneman, people don’t know how happy they are because happiness is so relative. Kahneman, a professor More