The Atlantic:  I recently found a box of papers from high school and was shocked to see what I once knew. There, in my handwriting, was a multi-step geometric proof, a creditable essay on the United States’ involvement in the Philippine revolution, and other work that today is as incomprehensible More

The study of self-knowledge—how well people know their own attitudes‚ beliefs‚ feelings‚ motives‚ and traits—has had a checkered history in psychology but has become a well-researched topic with important theoretical and practical implications. Researchers have examined three types of self-knowledge: recalling one’s past self (e.g.‚ past attitudes and beliefs)‚ knowing More

Süddeutsche Zeitung: In Arztpraxen und Krankenhäusern sind sie gefürchtet, im sonstigen Leben gelten sie als elende Nervensägen. Die Rede ist von Menschen, die immer Bescheid wissen, überall den Durchblick haben – und dies andere auch deutlich spüren lassen. Sogar wenn sie medizinischen Rat suchen, sagen solche Zeitgenossen dem Arzt, was More