Freedom from want

The Boston Globe: AMONG NON-OBESE college students who were allowed to eat as many cookies as they wanted, students who had grown up poor as children ate the same amount regardless of how hungry they were — or what their glucose levels were — even controlling for body weight and More

Hungry? Don’t Go Shopping.

Hunger is one of our most basic and primitive drives. When we are deprived of food, for whatever reason, we become intensely focused on satiating that craving. We want calories, and we want them now. Everything else—including time and money—is merely an aid for finding and acquiring rich, caloric food. More

Why It’s Wise to Gamble First, Eat Later

Pacific Standard: According to conventional wisdom, people in an agitated emotional state tend to make bad, impulsive decisions. Fear and anger often lead us to take actions we later regret. But a more recent line of research suggests there is much to be said for the intuitive wisdom of the body. According More