Scientific American: Many of us recognize that familiar feeling of eagerly tearing open a carefully wrapped gift box only to reveal a terrible woolen sweater, a creepy figurine with vacant eyes or a set of crystal “knife rests” for the dinner table. But what makes for a good gift? The More

The Wall Street Journal: Here’s a novel suggestion for those who feel they are in a constant race against the clock to get things done: Make some time for others. While it might seem counterintuitive to sacrifice some of the very thing you think you don’t have enough of, our More

The Guardian: Here’s a story about a man with a machiavellian genius for psychological manipulation. (It comes from the US educator Alfie Kohn, so I’ll Britishise it here.) This man is elderly and lives near a school. Every afternoon a group of pupils subject him to merciless taunts as they walk More