Facial Features

Read about the latest research published in Psychological Science: Feature-Binding Errors After Eye Movements and Shifts of Attention Julie D. Golomb, Zara E. L’Heureux, and Nancy Kanwisher In this study, the authors examined distortions in feature binding that might occur after eye movements. Participants were shown four color blocks — one More

ORF Austria: “Die Art und Weise, wie unser Blick über Gesichter streift, beeinflusst unsere Fähigkeit, jemanden wiederzuerkennen”, sagt Jennifer Heisz von der McMaster University in Kanada. Sie hat soeben Frauen und Männern Bilder von Gesichtern am Computer präsentiert und ihre Reaktionen per Eye-Tracking-Technologie verglichen. Wie Heisz im Fachblatt “Psychological Science&#8221 More

CBS: Women spend more time studying facial features than men, thus making them better at remembering faces than their male counterparts. A new study from Canadian researchers found that women have a heightened attention toward facial features on a subconscious level. “We discovered that women look more at new faces More