Face Perception

New Research From Psychological Science

Read about the latest research published in Psychological Science. Temporary Deafness Can Impair Multisensory Integration: A Study of Cochlear-Implant Users Simon P. Landry, Jean-Paul Guillemot, and François Champoux Does temporary deafness in adults disrupt other multisensory processes? Participants who had or had not experienced a period of deafness performed a nonspeech More

Study: Women Better At Remembering Faces Than Men

CBS: Women spend more time studying facial features than men, thus making them better at remembering faces than their male counterparts. A new study from Canadian researchers found that women have a heightened attention toward facial features on a subconscious level. “We discovered that women look more at new faces More

Le donne hanno una migliore memoria fotografica (Women may have better memory for faces)

La Stampa: Le donne godrebbero di una naturale migliore memoria fotografica rispetto agli uomini. Non si tratterebbe di pigrizia mentale o scarsa attenzione da parte dei maschi, ma di una capacità innata, e spesso inconsapevole, tipica delle femmine di studiare le caratteristiche di un volto nuovo. A decretare che sul More