*In 2014, the journal will transition from quarterly to bimonthly. The manuscript submission portal for Clinical Psychological Science (CPS) opened in April 2012, and the first articles were published online in September 2012. Four issues of the journal were published in 2013, completing the first volume year.* I am pleased More

This article is part of a series commemorating APS’s 25th anniversary in 2013. Psychological science has experienced an unprecedented period of growth and advancement during the last 25 years. Since APS was formed in 1988, many disciplines within the field have flourished and expanded. And entire new sub-disciplines, areas of More

Prevailing wisdom suggests that our genes remain largely fixed over time. But, an emerging field of research is beginning to prove this intuition wrong. Scientists are uncovering increasing evidence that changes in the expression of hundreds of genes can occur as a result of the social environments we inhabit. As More

University of Edinburgh, UK http://www.psy.ed.ac.uk/people/view.php?name=wendy-johnson What does your research focus on? My research explores how genetic and environmental influences transact to shape the way people move through their lives and become the varied individuals we see around us. This is really broad, I know. I’m particularly interested in cognitive ability More


Pursuing big questions in psychological science is an international effort. APS recently co-sponsored programs featuring cross-cutting research presentations by some of the most distinguished scientists in the field. World-class psychological scientists came together to share their latest findings at symposiums on epigenetics, social neuroscience, and embodiment. More