Read about the latest research published in Psychological Science: When the Spatial and Ideological Collide: Metaphorical Conflict Shapes Social Perception Tali Kleiman, Chadly Stern, and Yaacov Trope In this study, the researchers examined what happens when physical and abstract aspects of a metaphor are in conflict. Participants categorized pictures of past More

The Atlantic: While looking back and trying to make sense of a year just ended, we often focus on its most hopeless parts, the violence and acrimony. Last year did include plenty of negativity to mourn. But it also reminded us of an important lesson about how to access our More

New York Magazine: A lot of so-called “positive psychology” can seem a bit flaky, especially if you’re the sort of person disinclined to respond well to an admonition to “look on the bright side.” But positive psychologists have published some interesting findings, and one of the more robust ones is More