Geoff Cumming, La Trobe University, Australia, presents his research on “Understanding Replication: Confidence Intervals Much Better Than p Values,” at the 25th APS Annual Convention. Replication is at the heart of science. A current hot topic across medicine, psychological science, and other disciplines is that a number of widely-accepted published More

Frank Farach from Prometheus Research, LLCpresents his poster “Integrated Data Management Processes Expedite Common Data Management Tasks in Autism Research,” at the 25th APS Annual Convention in Washington, DC. Many researchers engage in disposable data management (DDM) practices: They clean and organize data after a study has been finished, repeating More

The New York Times: If you asked me to describe the rising philosophy of the day, I’d say it is data-ism. We now have the ability to gather huge amounts of data. This ability seems to carry with it certain cultural assumptions — that everything that can be measured should More

The difficulties we graduate students face when conducting research include an over-reliance on the psychology research pool for participants; inability to access a unique population; and having little money to compensate participants. Internet technology offers new options for gaining access to participants. Several high-traffic Internet site options are described below More