Galton Dissed? I was mystified by Douglas Medin’s aversion to Sir Francis Galton in his April Presidential Column (Medin, 2012). Medin said that Galton’s method of superimposing multiple headshots to study facial beauty “is not one of psychology’s success stories.” On the contrary, Galton’s method has inspired over 300 papers More

In an award ceremony at Rice University, two notable APS members accepted the most prestigious awards given by the Society of Experimental Psychologists. APS Past President Robert A. Bjork received the Norman Anderson Lifetime Achievement Award, and APS Fellow Robert M. Nosofsky was awarded the Howard Crosby Warren Medal. Bjork More

Read about new research on cognitive processes – including processes involved in learning, theory of mind, and cognitive control – published in Psychological Science, Current Directions in Psychological Science, and Perspectives on Psychological Science. Cognitive Load Disrupts Implicit Theory-of-Mind Processing Dana Schneider, Rebecca Lam, Andrew P. Bayliss, and Paul E. More