Stereotypes Skew Our Predictions of Others’ Pains and Pleasures

Every day, millions of people – including senators, doctors, and teachers — make consequential decisions that depend on predicting how other people will feel when they experience gains or setbacks. New research looking at events ranging from college football games to US elections shows that our predictions about others are More

White people think racism is getting worse. Against white people.

The Washington Post: How do Americans think about the role of race in our country’s daily life? News reports, social media and uncomfortable dinner conversations often point to one conclusion: They disagree. Many white Americans believe that the United States has entered a post-racial phase; many black Americans believe that More

Science of Implicit Bias to Be Focus of US Law Enforcement Training

The US Department of Justice (DOJ) announced this week that it will formally integrate findings from psychological science into new training curricula for more than 28,000 DOJ employees as a way of combating implicit bias among law enforcement agents and prosecutors. The training program began rolling out Monday and is More