APS History

The numerals 2 and 5 are magic numbers for APS this year. Not only is the association marking its 25th birthday, and nearing a membership count of 25,000, but we’ve just surpassed 25,000 followers on Twitter. Our followers represent a mix of scientists, students, writers, businesspeople, teachers, and more, reflecting More

In the next few issues, Perspectives on Psychological Science will publish several special sections celebrating the 25th anniversary of APS. Twenty-five is an interesting age for an organization: Many of our younger members were not yet born when APS began, and for many of our older members, 1988 was just More

Paul Meehl is known for bringing the power of statistics to bear on the field of clinical psychology. In his 1954 book, Clinical Statistical Prediction: A Theoretical Analysis and Review of Evidence, he showed that statistical formulas were better than, or at least equal to, clinicians at predicting things such More