APS History

The American Psychological Society turns 15 on August 12, 2003. In celebration of this milestone, the Observer will be featuring brief notes detailing events that marked the history of the Society. Before APS, there was the Assembly for Scientific and Applied Psychology. ASAP was created soon after the American Psychological More

APS reminds me of VW’s recently unveiled prototype that gets 239 MPG. The demo hybrid achieves this by stripped-down engineering (no unnecessary extras), superior materials (strong but not heavy), streamlined aerodynamics (no outside mirrors, just mini-cams), and fuel efficiency (converting energy normally lost). The APS focus on psychological science per More

As President of the American Psychological Association (APA), I have often been asked how APA is faring relative to the American Psychological Society (APS). The assumption in such questions is that the organizations compete with each other, and that a gain for the one organization is in some way a More