BBC: Bullying in childhood “throws a long shadow” into victims’ adult lives, suggests research indicating long-term negative consequences for health, job prospects and relationships. The study tracked more than 1,400 people between the ages of nine and 26. School bullies were also more likely to grow up into adult criminals. More

The New York Times: EARLIER this summer the actor Jim Carrey, a star of the new superhero movie “Kick-Ass 2,” tweeted that he was distancing himself from the film because, in the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre, “in all good conscience I cannot support” the movie’s extensive and graphically More

Chicago Tribune: Bullying doesn’t end in the school yard, but casts a shadow across adulthood, when victims are far more likely to have emotional, behavioral, financial and health problems, a new study suggests. Those who were both victim and perpetrator as schoolchildren fared the worst as adults: they were more More

Suddeutsche Zeitung: Wer als Kind gemobbt wurde, hat einer aktuellen Studie zufolge als Erwachsener überdurchschnittlich häufig soziale, finanzielle und gesundheitliche Probleme (Psychological Science, online). So fiel es den gemobbten Probanden schwerer, Arbeits- und Freundschaftsbeziehungen aufrechtzuerhalten, außerdem litten sie als Erwachsene häufiger an schweren Krankheiten. “Wir dürfen Mobbing nicht als harmlosen More