APS 14th Annual Convention (2002)

I greatly appreciate the detailed reporting of the presentations at the annual convention [July/August 2002 Observer]. I was unable to attend the conference this year, due to budget cuts. Having this concise guide to the major talks helps to keep me up to date in the wide arena of psychological More

Human Subject Protection: IRBs Made (The Big) Easy! Hosted by: Jeffery Cohen, Office of Human Research Protections and Barbara Spellman, University of Virginia Jeffery Cohen, federal Office for Human Research Protections, addresses the issues of risk and harm and informed consent in behavioral science research involving human participants. Some issues More

The Physiological Detection of Deception: Where are We and What Lies Ahead? Presenters: William Iacono, University of Minnesota The Scientific Basis of Polygraph Testing John Allen, University of Arizona The Promise and Limitations of ERP’s for Assessing Deception J. Pete Rosenfeld, Northwestern University Countermeasures to P300 Amplitude-Based Guilty Knowledge Tests More