Psychological Science in the Public Interest Call for Editor Nominations

Deadline: December 6, 2023

The Association for Psychological Science (APS) invites nominations for the position of Editor of Psychological Science in the Public Interest (PSPI). This highly respected journal features three commissioned reports per year on topics of global public interest by panels of the most distinguished researchers in psychological science and related fields. The current Editor is Nora Newcombe (Temple University).

PSPI reports provide definitive, state-of-the-science summaries—juried analyses—on subjects in which psychological science both plays a central role and has something important to say. The reports serve as resources for psychologists and for audiences outside our discipline. The contents of PSPI are routinely reported in the media and often are used by policy makers. Topics have included visual data communication, interventions for the treatment of chronic pain, and systems for classifying mental disorders—an issue that has been downloaded more than 300,000 times. Further information about PSPI is available on the APS website and in an early description of the journal.

All reports are commissioned by the Editor; PSPI does not accept unsolicited manuscripts, but proposals for papers are considered by the Editor. Manuscripts are commissioned by the Editor only after careful vetting of both the topic and authors. Topics are nominated from many sources, including editorial board members, APS Board of Directors, and members of APS. All members of APS are invited to suggest topics.

The new Editor will lead and manage the journal’s unique editorial process. While the incoming Editor will want to draw on past editorial experience, this position involves additional hands-on organizational and administrative skills not generally required for traditional journals.

Selection Criteria

Nominees must be APS Members. We especially encourage nominations of members of underrepresented groups in psychological science. Criteria to be considered in selecting the Editor will include:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of, and broad perspective on, the field of psychological science
  • Professional accomplishment and identity within psychological science
  • Demonstrated commitment to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in psychological science
  • Demonstrated collaborative leadership experience and ability to recruit and work with teams of authors
  • Demonstrated success in evaluating and synthesizing psychological science research
  • Interest in leveraging psychological scientific insights to inform public policy
  • Commitment to devoting time to editorial duties
  • Demonstrated commitment to scientific integrity and ethical treatment of others

Starting Date

The Editor should be prepared to begin work in early 2024. The length of the term is four years.


Please provide a name and contact information for each nominee by November 29, 2023. Additional material may be sent, including curricula vitae and brief statements of interest or support, but at this point in the process, a name and contact information are sufficient. Self-nominations are welcomed.

Send nominations and inquiries to:

PSPI Editor Search Committee,

Ursula Hess (chair), Humboldt University of Berlin

Li-Jun Ji, Queen’s University

Kathy Pezdak, Claremont Graduate College

Elaine Walker, Emory University

Alexander Weiss, University of Edinburgh