Perspectives on Psychological Science: Call for Editor Nominations

Deadline: April 1, 2014 (nominations have been closed)

Nominations are now being invited for Editor of the APS journal Perspectives on Psychological Science to succeed Barbara Spellman, whose term will end in 2015.

Perspectives on Psychological Science publishes an eclectic mix of provocative reports and articles, including broad integrative reviews, overviews of research programs, meta-analyses, theoretical statements, and articles on topics such as the philosophy of science, opinion pieces about major issues in the field, autobiographical reflections of senior members of the field, and even occasional humorous essays and sketches. The journal’s innovative approach to content is matched only by its exceptional submission process, which includes both invited and submitted articles. Articles often coalesce into special sections around important topics. Past special sections of Perspectives have investigated correlative analyses commonly used in neuroimaging studies, featured prominent researchers writing about what they consider to be “The Next Big Questions in Psychology,” and examined issues of replicability and research practices. The journal’s newest initiative involves Registered Replication Reports, an innovative article type presenting the results of multi-center, high-quality replications of important experiments in psychological science based on shared and vetted protocols.

Selection criteria: A Nominee must be a Member of APS and a recognized leader in psychological science. Criteria to be considered include:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of and broad perspective on the field
  • Understanding and appreciation of the field’s many subdisciplines
  • Professional accomplishment and identity within psychological science
  • Demonstrated research, writing, reviewing, and editing skills
  • Commitment to devote time to editorial duties

Starting date: The Editor should be prepared to begin work in fall 2014 and to handle all new manuscript submissions starting January 1, 2015. The length of the term is four years.

Nominations: Please provide a name and contact information for each nominee by April 1, 2014. Additional material may be sent, including curricula vitae and brief statements of interest or support, but at this point in the process, a name and contact information are sufficient. Self-nominations are encouraged, as are nominations of members of underrepresented groups in psychology.

Send nominations and inquiries to:

APS Editor Search Committee,

Chair: Henry L. Roediger, III, Washington University in St. Louis

Moshe Bar, Harvard University

Deanna M. Barch, Washington University in St. Louis

Dorthe Berntsen, Aarhus University, Denmark

Susan T. Fiske, Princeton University

Samuel Gosling, University of Texas at Austin

Lynn S. Liben, Pennsylvania State University

Thomas Suddendorf, University of Queensland, Australia

Howard M. Weiss, Georgia Institute of Technology

John T. Wixted, University of California, San Diego

Ex Officio:

Alan Kraut, APS Executive Director

Aime Ballard-Wood, APS Director of Publications

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