Rising Stars 2013

Christopher Olivola

Carnegie Mellon University https://sites.google.com/site/chrisolivola/ What does your research focus on? I am generally interested in (human) judgment and decision making. If I had to narrow it down a bit further, I would say I am particularly interested in understanding (e)valuation: How (and why) do we assign value to things? I’ve More

Thomas Olino

University of Pittsburgh www.dascpitt.org/content/olino-thomas-phd What does your research focus on? My primary line of research examines the role of appetitive motivation in the development of unipolar mood disorders using multiple types of methodologies, including, self-reports, behavior, and functional neuroimaging. While there is well-established literature on appetitive motivational deficits in individuals More

Masi Noor

Canterbury Christ Church University, United Kingdom www.canterbury.ac.uk/social-applied-sciences/applied-social-sciences/staff/Masi-Noor/ What does your research focus on? I am a social psychologist and my work focuses on intergroup relations, including the dynamics of conflict, cooperation, and help between groups. For instance, why do conflicting groups sometimes engage in competition over their victimhood following violent More