Rising Stars 2013

Aprajita Mohanty

Stony Brook University www.psychology.stonybrook.edu/amohanty-/ What does your research focus on? My research focuses on how we utilize emotional information to guide our attention and perception, and how we use cognitive strategies to remain goal-focused in the face of emotional distractors. Most studies examining prioritization of emotional stimuli have focused on More

Jane Mendle

Cornell University http://blogs.cornell.edu/mendlelab/ What does your research focus on? I study a number of facets of adolescent psychopathology, but I’m particularly interested in how different aspects of puberty — its timing and tempo, its early-life antecedents, and the ways that children, peers, and family members perceive and understand it — More

Lisa Leslie

University of Minnesota www.csom.umn.edu/faculty-research/lmleslie/Lisa_Leslie.aspx What does your research focus on? In my research, I use a social cognition perspective to understand issues related to diversity in organizations. More specifically, I am interested in people’s tendency to use social categories (e.g., gender, race, parental status) to form often erroneous perceptions and More

Cristine Legare

Director of the Cognition, Culture, and Development Lab The University of Texas at Austin www.cristinelegare.com What does your research focus on? My work reflects my commitment to interdisciplinary approaches to the study of cognitive development. My research program draws upon diverse theoretical and methodological insights from cognitive science, cultural psychology More