Violence and Its Origins

This is a photo of the 2014 APS Annual Convention Call for Submissions, stating that the deadline is Feb. 3.

A panel at the 2014 APS Annual Convention, to be held May 22–25 in San Francisco, California, will explore the questions asked in such research, including whether there are evolutionary reasons behind our destructive past and whether there might be predictors of what kind of person is most prone to violence.

Speakers include:

  • APS Fellow John T. Monahan, University of Virginia. His research has focused on mental health law.
  • APS Fellow Adrian Raine, University of Pennsylvania. He studies antisocial behavior from social, developmental, and neuroscience perspectives.
  • Matthew K. Nock, Harvard University. Through his research, he hopes to further the understanding of the psychology behind self-harm.
  • David A. Pizarro, Cornell University. His primary areas of research are moral intuition and biases that affect moral judgment.

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