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Paper in Psychological Science has “Stood the Test of Time,” According to Google Scholar

Many scientists turn to Google Scholar for literature searches, tracking citation counts, and accessing preprints and published articles. But now there’s a new reason to visit the site: to explore a new feature, called Classic Papers, which identifies papers that have “stood the test of time.” The first set of Classic Papers identified by Google are the papers published in 2006 that have been cited the most over the following 10-year period.

Google Scholar has identified Classic Papers in all areas of science, from Agronomy to Urban Studies. In the Psychology category, one article published in Psychological Science is a Classic Paper: an article by Janine Willis and APS Fellow Alexander Todorov titled, “First impressions: Making up your mind after a 100-ms exposure to a face.” This article found evidence that individuals can form impressions of others after even a brief exposure to them—and it’s been cited over 1,250 times, according to Google Scholar.

Many other articles by psychological scientists top the Psychology category and others, including the Cognitive Science and Educational Psychology & Counseling categories, too.

Read the announcement from the Google team by clicking here.

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