Registered Replication Report: Many Labs 2 Project

The links below lead to the pre-press articles. They will redirect to the final, published versions as soon as they are available.

Many Labs 2: Investigating Variation in Replicability Across Sample and Setting
by Klein et al.*

*Full author list in manuscript

ML2 Commentary: Structure and goal pursuit: Individual and cultural differences
by Kristin Laurin, Aaron C. Kay, and Mark J. Landau

ML2 Commentary: Cultural Differences in Correspondence Bias Are Systematic and Multifaceted
by Yuri Miyamoto and Shinobu Kitayama

Some Reflections on Klein et al.’s replication of “Cultural preferences for formal versus intuitive reasoning”
by Ara Norenzayan

The Workings of Choosing and Rejecting: Commentary on ManyLabs2
by Eldar Shafir