Openness and Transparency at Clinical Psychological Science

In 2022, Clinical Psychological Science introduced the following measures to increase transparency standards in the journal. As of April 1, 2022, all new submissions must follow the updated submission guidelines.

What’s new?

Registered Reports. The journal welcomes Empirical Articles, including original articles, replication studies, and analyses of secondary data, that take the form of registered reports. More information.

New content requirements. All articles must include Author Contributions and Conflicts of Interest sections, and they may also include the following sections as appropriate: Acknowledgments, Funding, Supplemental Material, and Prior Versions.

All Empirical Articles, as well as any other article that is eligible for the Open Data, Open Materials, Open Code, or Preregistration badge, must also include a separate “Transparency and Openness” section immediately prior to the Method section that includes information on preregistration, data/materials/code accessibility, reporting standards, and ethical approval. More information.

Citation standards. Any use of pre-existing data, code, or other research products must be appropriately cited both in the text and in the list of cited sources. More information.