AMPPS APC Waivers Policy

The AMPPS waiver policy (updated from time to time) applies to the corresponding author only. 

The corresponding author of a submitted manuscript must take responsibility to ensure they have financial support for the APC. Funding may be available via research grant funds, institutional Open Access agreements with Sage, or Open Access Prepaid Accounts with Sage (for more information click here). If unsure, the corresponding author should check with their department administration or acquisitions librarian to inquire if funds are available for the APC. We understand that in some cases work submitted to the journal has not been externally funded or that institutional/departmental support may not be available to pay the APC. In such cases, the corresponding author may apply for an APC waiver after the manuscript is accepted and before it is published. Articles that have been funded by a funding organization or institution with an open access policy that covers payment of APCs are not eligible for waivers.

APC charges and waiver requests are processed by the production staff after acceptance and before publication of an article, and no editors or reviewers are involved in that process.

Any requests for a waiver should be made to [email protected] by the corresponding author after the manuscript has been accepted and before it is published. Requests for waivers must include the following details:

  1. Confirmation from the corresponding author’s department administration and/or acquisition librarian that funding is not available to cover the APC.
  2. The steps that the corresponding author has taken to find support for the APC—and documentation that they have been unsuccessful.
  3. Any further supporting evidence that funding for APCs is unavailable.

Automatic Research4Life Waivers

Corresponding authors who reside in the countries described by the Research4Life program (both Group A and Group B) will automatically receive a full APC waiver; no request is necessary.