Call for Papers: Adversarial Collaborations

Advances in Methods and Practices in Psychological Science is an open access journal ( that publishes papers on improving research practices in psychological science, as well as content-area registered replications that can improve the veracity of scientific claims in the field. AMPPS papers are freely available online and organized into overlapping Collections that are easy to search and explore ( 

AMPPS is encouraging submissions for a new Collection on adversarial collaborations, in which disagreeing scholars mutually design methodological procedures to test preregistered competing hypotheses. This process can facilitate more rigorous tests of scientific hypotheses because both proponents and opponents must agree to methods that constitute a fair and unbiased test. We are especially interested in adversarial Registered Replication Reports, in which one party expects replication and the other does not, and in adversarial Registered Reports focused on methods or metascience issues (e.g., competing hypotheses on the value of or best ways to use certain methodologies).

In support of this collection, the Adversarial Collaboration Project at University of Pennsylvania can be contacted to explore funding options or for advice on best practices: [email protected]. All papers will be reviewed by AMPPS in accord with our standard policies (; in a cover letter, authors may indicate that they are responding to this solicitation for adversarial collaborations.