Access To Research

APS journals are broadly accessible throughout the research community and beyond.

    • All 34,000 APS members receive access to the journals’ online content, including archives, and may choose to receive the journals in print.
    • Faculty and employees at over 8,000 institutions worldwide receive subscription access to the journals’ online content, including archives. This includes numerous nonprofit institutions in developing countries, which receive discounted or free access via the Research4Life initiative.
    • APS authors retain copyright on their journal articles, may post their submitted manuscript on any website, and 12 months after publication may post their accepted manuscript in any noncommercial repository.
    • APS authors may request a tollfree hyperlink that leads from their website to their published article, providing free article access to all.
    • Any APS author may choose to make their journal article freely available to all immediately on publication via the SAGE Choice program.