NSF Funding Opportunity on Fairness in Artificial Intelligence

Collaborative opportunity with Amazon encourages behavioral scientists sciences to study AI

The National Science Foundation (NSF) and Amazon are partnering to offer a funding opportunity aimed at supporting research on creating trustworthy and fair artificial intelligence (AI) systems that can be used to address societal challenges. The opportunity is a great chance for those in the behavioral and social sciences to apply their research to the future of AI and machine learning.

Although this opportunity is offered through the Division of Information and Intelligent Systems within NSF’s computer science and engineering directorate, psychological scientists have a lot to offer to this emerging field and are specially invited to contribute.

NSF notes, “Advancing AI is a highly interdisciplinary endeavor drawing on fields such as computer science, information science, engineering, statistics, mathematics, cognitive science, and psychology.”

Topics of interest to the program include, but are not limited to, potential biases and effects of AI, explainability, accountability, and transparency. While Amazon does provide partial funding in support of NSF’s program, it is not involved in the selection process of proposals.

The deadline for proposals is July 13, 2020.

For more information, visit the solicitation “NSF Program on Fairness in Artificial Intelligence in Collaboration with Amazon” by clicking here.

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