NIH Requests Public Feedback to Enhance Research Involving Animal Studies

The working group will be accepting comments through July 31, 2020

NIH has charged a working group of the Advisory Committee to the NIH Director with “assessing and making recommendations to enhance the reproducibility and rigor of animal research by improving experimental design, optimizing translational validity, enhancing training, and increasing the transparency of research studies involving animal models.” The working group has since requested public feedback while it continues to develop a final report, which is scheduled to be finished in December 2020.

The working group seeks input related to, but not limited to:

  • Rigor and transparency in animal studies
  • Optimizing the relevance of animal model research to human biology and disease
  • The effects of research culture on research involving animal studies

If you or your colleagues wish to offer comments for the working group’s consideration, you can submit them here.

The working group will be accepting comments through July 31, 2020.

View “Request for Information: Enhancing Rigor, Transparency, and Translatability to Improve Biomedical Research Involving Animal Models” here.

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