From: New York Magazine

Your Drunk Personality Really Isn’t That Different From Your Sober Self

New York Magazine:

If you’ve spent any meaningful amount of time on the internet, you’ve probably seen one of those quizzes claiming to tell you what kind of drunk you are: the crier?

The mornings after our drunken college parties would inevitably find my friends and I meeting up and reliving our antics, groaning about how “crazy” things had gotten the night before. But as it turns out, our drunk personalities, “crazy” as they were … weren’t actually that different from our sober personalities.

At least, that’s what the latest research says. In a study recently published in the journal Clinical Psychological Science, a team of psychologists set out to examine alcohol’s influence on personality: Do we really become different people when we drink? Do we act outrageous compared to how we usually act? And when we think we’re acting outrageous — are we really?

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