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From: The Washington Post

Want to get conservatives to save energy? Stop the environmentalist preaching

The Washington Post:

In San Diego, the solar rooftop market is booming. And no wonder: Electricity is expensive, but sunshine is plentiful – and it doesn’t hurt that California has shined its policy radiance on the solar industry. The city boasts more than 44,000 residential solar installations – and most strikingly, they’re not all owned by liberal do-gooders.

Opower, which went public in early 2014 and was recently valued at about $ 650 million, has its origins in a work of behavioral science research. The study, led by psychology and marketing scholar Robert Cialdini of the University of Arizona (now Opower’s chief scientist) and a colleague, found that peer influence was an effective way to reduce energy use – people saved more if they passed a sign on their front door encouraging them to “Join Your Neighbors in Conserving Energy.”

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