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Twins Raised Apart Remarkably Similar

New York Magazine:

Jack Yufe and Oskar Stohr were identical twins who were separated from each other as babies, when their parents divorced. The boys were raised apart and did not meet again until they were 21.

Yufe died earlier this week, at the age of 82, and the Los Angeles Times details the striking similarities he shared with his twin brother, though there was that one exception: Yufe was raised Jewish in Trinidad, whereas Stohr grew up in Germany, where he joined up with the Nazi movement as a teenager.

As adults, Yufe and Stohr were the first twins to join what would become the Minnesota Twin Family Study, a long-term research project that has studied thousands of twins since it began in 1989.

And yet, when they met, the young men were mostly weirded out by how alike they were. “They were a great example of how twins, despite different environments, ended up being very much alike,” Nancy Segal, a scientist who studied Yufe and Stohr as part of the Minnesota research project, told the Times.

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