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New research on horse eyesight could improve racecourse safety

The way horses see the world is almost entirely differently to that of humans — from the distances they can see, to the colors they can process.

New research carried out by the University of Exeter not only provides a better understanding of equine vision, but also demonstrates how the information can be used to improve racecourse safety.
Crossbars and take-off boards for fences and hurdles have long been painted orange, based on what humans can see.
But according to research led by Martin Stevens, a professor of sensory and evolutionary ecology at the University of Exeter, horses see orange as a shade of green — meaning the fences currently used by the industry simply blend into the grass.
Janel L. Jones, who has a PhD in cognitive science, writes in Equus Magazine that details humans can see from a distance of 30 feet, can only be seen by a horse from 20 feet.

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