Full Frontal Psychology

The Psychology of Retirement

Earlier this year, the first baby boomer turned 65, and from now on, for years to come, 10,000 boomers will pass that milestone every day. That’s every day–which means that more than 69 million boomers will reach this symbolic age by 2030. So at this very moment, millions of working More

The Psychology of Beach Reading

Selecting a book to read by the water is no trivial matter for me. I want something that’s accessible because—well, because it’s vacation, and I don’t want anything that resembles work. On the other hand, my past experience with picking pop fiction—thrillers and such—has often as not been disappointing. I More

Poignancy and Patriotism: How 4th of July Speeches Inspire

With the planet on the verge of extermination by alien invaders, U.S. President Thomas Whitmore summons all his rhetorical talent to rally Americans for an epic 4th of July battle, the “largest aerial battle in the history of Mankind.” The Earth faces annihilation, he warns a rag-tag assembly of patriots More