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From: The New York Times

Does This Look Right to You? HOLLA🎄D TONNEL

They decked the Holland with boughs of holly

Then people called their décor folly.

Hundreds signed a web petition

Now they’ll vote on their position.

As it has in so many Decembers past, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey has festooned the canopy above the Holland Tunnel’s New Jersey tollbooth plaza with holiday wreaths.

Ordinarily, the sign displays the name of the tunnel in bland letters on an ordinary slab of concrete. But for the holiday season, the Port Authority throws two round wreaths and a triangular tree on top in an attempt to spread seasonal cheer.

One wreath covers the letter O of the Holland Tunnel sign in a perfect overlap. But then, slightly to the right, the tree is hung over the N instead of the A, which better matches its shape.

Dean McKay, a professor of psychology at Fordham University who researches obsessive-compulsive disorder, said that the sign could be a possible trigger for those who struggle with order and symmetry.

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