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An expert in the craft examines Oval Office profanities

Now that we know that the discourse in Donald Trump’s White House is about as vile and vulgar as the banter in a rundown barroom just before last call, I figured it was time to talk dirty.

This column is going to lead the league in asterisks and dashes — those typographical stand-ins for the words you can’t use in a family newspaper, words that used to compel mothers everywhere to run for a bar of soap to wash out the mouths of their profane kids.

Those are the words that have been at the center of Tim Jay’s professional universe for more than40 years. If you think the word s—hole is going to accelerate his metabolism, you haven’t been in his classroom here at the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, or read the half-dozen books he’s written about foul mouths and their creative concoctions of polysyllabic curses.

He knows the most popular swear word used by men. It’s the F-word. He knows the most popular curse used by women rhymes with witch. His particular favorite also ends in hole but starts with an A.

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