What Is RISE?

Researching Injustice and Social Equality (RISE) works to encourage scholarly research on issues that enhance the understanding of underrepresented populations, to increase the involvement of students belonging to these populations in the APSSC, and to compile and disseminate information on resources that support the endeavors of students belonging to underrepresented populations in psychological science. In keeping with its mission, RISE works to assist, coordinate, advocate, and recommend programs, policies, and research on issues related to underrepresented populations. These populations include older individuals, individuals with disabilities, ethnic minorities, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender individuals, social class, women, and individuals with weight issues. In keeping with the global mission of APS, RISE also works to enhance awareness concerning the needs and issues faced by international students. RISE helps APSSC members plug into a network of like-minded student scholars and helps to facilitate the opportunity to dialogue with peers about research and issues related to underrepresented populations. Throughout the year, RISE participates in creating resource guides of funding organizations and advocacy groups that support the type of research represented by RISE. These resource guides will be made available to the APS community upon completion. Last, new special projects may occur throughout the year depending on member interest and suggestion.

How to Participate

All graduate and undergraduate student affiliates interested in research related to underrepresented populations are encouraged to participate in the RISE Research Award either as a contestant or a reviewer. Current APS Student Affiliates are highly encouraged to join the RISE discussion taking place in the APSSC Facebook Group. Click here to request group membership.

RISE Downloads