1994 William James Fellow Award

Larry R. Squire

University of California, San Diego

The Association for Psychological Science names Larry R. Squire as a William James Fellow in recognition of his distinguished achievements in psychological science.

Larry R. Squire is a leading investigator of brain memory systems. His work, with students and colleagues, exploring the anatomical substrates of memory has played a major role in establishing that different forms of memory are mediated by separate brain systems and has clarified the differential roles of specific regions of the medial temporal region in memory. His studies of the temporal gradient of retrograde amnesia in animals and humans have increased our understanding of time-dependent influences in the consolidation and retrieval of information and revealed that the involvement of the hippocampus in memory is time-limited.

For his incisive analyses of critical conceptual issues which have significantly influenced current research and theory concerning brain processes underlying memory, Larry Squire is recognized as a leader in psychological science.