Welcome to the APSSC

James Hodge

Dear Students,


Welcome to the Association for Psychological Science Student Caucus (APSSC) website. The APSSC is an international student-run organization devoted to APS’s mission of promoting and advancing psychological science. We provide a variety of programs and services throughout the academic year designed to assist our graduate and undergraduate student affiliates with their research and professional development.

Research Competitions

Students can submit their research to one of our three research competitions: the Student Grant Competition, the Student Research Award (SRA), and the Researching Injustice and Social Inequality (RISE) Research Award. The aim of these competitions is to promote and acknowledge outstanding research in psychological science conducted by our student affiliates. Winners of the SRA and RISE awards will receive a monetary award highlighting their excellence in research and will also have the opportunity to present their work at the upcoming APS Annual Convention. All winning submissions are determined by peer-review.

Student Publications 

Students can write an article for the Student Notebook featured in the APS Observer, or the online publication of the Undergraduate Update. Articles in the Student Notebook are written for and by graduate student affiliates on topics ranging from professional issues in graduate school to navigating life in graduate school. Articles in the Undergraduate Update are written for undergraduate students by both graduate and undergraduate student affiliates. Topics in this publication address various issues related to professional development in academia. 

Campus Representative Program 

Students are encouraged to take a leadership role in the APSSC by becoming a Campus Representative at their respective academic institutions. This program allows students to communicate directly with the APSSC Executive Board, network with other student affiliates around the world, and promote various APSSC programs and activities throughout the academic year. Campus representatives are also invited to a special meeting at the APS Annual Convention to discuss issues surrounding the APSSC student body. This program is open to both graduate and undergraduate student affiliates. 

Mentorship Program 

The APSSC Mentorship Program connects undergraduates interested in pursuing graduate school with graduate student mentors that are willing to share their experiences and offer advice on conducting research and getting into graduate school. Students are matched based on common goals and research interests. 

Additional Funding Opportunities 

Students are encouraged to search for additional funding through our APSSC Online Funding Database. These funding opportunities are open to undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral students in various areas of psychological science.

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On behalf of the 2013-2014 APSSC Executive Board , I would like to thank you for your tremendous support and wish you a productive and fulfilling academic year!


James J. Hodge
President, APS Student Caucus