Reviewing for the APSSC

Review for three different student only competitions, crafted and administered by the APSSC Executive Board. Reviewers work closely with the Student Award Officer and/or Graduate Advocate to vet and score submissions based on specific criteria. These criteria are decided upon by the APSSC Executive Board, the elected board representing all APS Student members.

The APSSC trains reviewers for three programs:

The APSSC is dedicated to building skills for its members, and by training reviewers for our student award programs, the APSSC gives its members recognition and funding for travel and research while giving many members valuable reviewing experience. The list below features all current APSSC reviewers and the competitions they reviewed for. Those marked “Student Award Reviewer” have reviewed for the RISE or Student Research Awards, those marked “Student Grant Competition Reviewer” reviewed for the APSSC Student Grant Competition.

Those marked as an “APSSC Super Reviewer” went above and beyond by reviewing for multiple award and grant programs. Verification of which competition was reviewed for is available upon request by reaching out to APS Student Programs Manager Tyler Boomershine at [email protected].

Interested in gaining valuable experience for your CV by reviewing with the APSSC? View the FAQs and stay tuned for signups for the APSSCs next batch of reviewers!

APSSC Reviewers: