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APS Wikipedia Initiative

The APS Wikipedia Initiative makes information about psychological science on Wikipedia as complete and accurate as possible.

Does Wikipedia Get Psychological Science Right?

APS is calling on you to support its mission to deploy the power of Wikipedia to represent psychological science as fully as possible. When the general public searches for information about psychology, the top search results are often Wikipedia articles. As psychological scientists, it’s your responsibility to ensure the psychology information on Wikipedia is reliable. Join the thousands of psychological scientists and their students who have already made an impact by creating and editing Wikipedia articles.

Are You an Educator? Start Here.
The easiest way to improve psychology articles on Wikipedia is to make editing articles part of a course writing assignment, in which students contribute content to Wikipedia in place of writing a traditional research paper. Students gain valuable experience from writing Wikipedia articles by communicating effectively to general audiences, supporting statements with proper citations, organizing their writing for logical flow and clarity, and responding to comments from reviewers.

To support classroom activities, APS has partnered with The Wikipedia Education Program supported by Wiki Education. A Wiki Education staff member or volunteer will help you craft an assignment that enables your students to improve Wikipedia articles on psychology.  Wiki Education has online training materials for you and your students, volunteers to help you when you have questions, and handouts for you to distribute to students in class.

More Information 

  • Check out Resources for Instructors for a full list of resources available from Wiki Education.
  • Find psychology articles in need of help here.
  • Find a student-oriented guide to editing in Wikipedia here.
  • See the Weekly Wiki in the members-only Psychological Science Update each Friday.
  • To learn more contact Wiki Education.

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In a senior seminar on language acquisition, a group of seven students successfully edited two Wikipedia articles and achieved Good Article status. A Good Article meets a basic set of criteria that indicate the material is well written, neutral, and appropriately sourced. More

This time of year brings several things to mind. I suspect I am not the only one shocked that the holiday season seems to be upon us once again, nor the only one wondering what happened to daylight late in the afternoon? For me, this is also the time of year I come to the end of my Introduction to Psychology class. As the end approaches I start to think, what will my students take away when the lectures and exams are over More