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Volume 16, Issue10October, 2003
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Volume 16, Issue10October, 2003

Writing Grant Proposals

As a follow up to “Applying for Research Grants” [Observer, September 2003], this article describes general elements of each section… More

Jones Named IPAT President

APS Charter Member John “Jack” Jones has accepted the position of President at the Institute for Personality and Ability Testing… More

The Origin of One

It is an ability we take for granted every day. We see one apple, we think one apple. We see… More

Scientists in the Service

Psychological Science Onboard a Submarine By Jeff Dyche I didn’t join the Navy to become a psychologist. I don’t know… More

Dissertation Dilemmas

Everyone with a PhD must have thought long and hard about how to conduct dissertation research. Everyone currently in graduate… More

The Final Exam

“Hey Pops, you want to help me study for my Algebra final?” asked my son. I replied, “Sure thing, we’ve… More