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Volume 15, Issue8October, 2002

My Presidential columns will feature a series of reflections and illustrations of collaborations that bridge areas within  psychological science and between it and other sciences. Last month, I reflected on the virtues and perils of such bridging research. This month, Marcia Johnson suggests that cross-area collaborations can deepen our micro-understanding More

In the pages of the APS Observer, psychology is consistently presented and referred to as a science. Undoubtedly, this assertion reflects the sincere belief of an overwhelming majority of APS’ members. However, the status of psychology as a science has never been put to an objective test. The touchstone of More

I greatly appreciate the detailed reporting of the presentations at the annual convention [July/August 2002 Observer]. I was unable to attend the conference this year, due to budget cuts. Having this concise guide to the major talks helps to keep me up to date in the wide arena of psychological More

The incident at Virginia Commonwealth University as reported here is sobering: a 450 percent increase in IRB administrative personnel (2 to 9), a 250 percent increase in lRB membership (20 to 50), and a 1,875 percent increase in the budget (from $40,000 to $750,000) [July/August 2002 Observer]. Academic program budgets More

The Fiscal Year 2003 budget of the federal government is the subject of much debate on Capitol Hill and in the media. Despite the much publicized partisan squabbling that is characterizing deliberations on some issues, both the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the National Science Foundation (NSF) are enjoying More

By giving investigators the resources to develop pilot data, B/START supports the future generation of behavioral science researchers during a critical juncture in their development. While funding opportunities for young investigators are still limited, the grant program represents significant progress in the effort to reverse a decline among junior researchers More

In the nine years since the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) established a grant program to help novice behavioral scientists get their feet wet as first-time principal investigators, many junior researchers have successfully dived into research psychology to the benefit of the field and their careers. NIMH’s B/START, the More