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Volume 6, Issue6November 1993

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Published 6 times per year by the Association for Psychological Science, the Observer educates and informs on matters affecting the research, academic, and applied disciplines of psychology; promotes the scientific values of APS members; reports on issues of international interest to the psychological science community; and provides a vehicle for the dissemination on information about APS.

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  • Balancing Unity and Diversity: Reflections on The Five-Year History of APS

    Steven C. Hayes, a Foundation Professor of Psychology and Director of Clinical Training at the University of Nevada, is one of the core group of pioneers who began APS. He proposed the formation of the progenitor of APS, the Assembly of Scientific and Applied Psychology (ASAP), chaired its organizing committee, and housed its office and the first APS office in his laboratory. He edited the ASAP Newsletter (As Soon As Possible), and the first two volumes of the APS Observer, and was the first Secretary-Treasurer of APS. He is currently Vice-President of the American Association of Applied and Preventive Psychology (AAAPP). APS was five years old this past August, and the Society has been enormously successful, as measured by growth and impact.


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