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Volume 4, Issue6November 1991

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  • On Giving Psychology Away

    The year 1969 was an eventful one, including, among other things, the first moon landing, Woodstock, and the Manson murders. It was also the year that George A. Miller, in his APA presidential address, argued eloquently for the need to "give psychology away." With Miller's recent receipt of the National Medal of Science fresh in my mind [see the September, 1991, APS Observer], I was prompted to reflect back on his arguments by a reporter's question at a September 24 press conference — held at the National Academy of Sciences — to release In the mind's eye: Enhancing human performance, the second report of the National Research Council's Committee on Techniques for the Enhancement of Human Performance. As chair of the committee, I was joined at the press conference by three members of our 12-person committee (Gerald C.

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