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Volume 18, Issue11November, 2005
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Volume 18, Issue11November, 2005

Calculating Behavior

Luckily for science, as a child R. Duncan Luce had astigmatism and parents who didn’t think much of art as… More

After the Deluge

The water has been pumped out and the sludge and debris are being hauled away, yet mention of Hurricane Katrina… More

Just Published

The Cambridge Handbook of Visuospatial Thinking Priti Shah and Akira Miyake Cambridge University Press 2005 ISBN: 0521807107 454 pages Visuospatial… More

Observer Forum

Randomly Confused I AM PUZZLED BY THE ARTICLE titled, “How Random Is That?” [September 2005 Observer]. The article appears to… More


Enough Is Enough It goes without saying, doesn’t it?: More is better — at least, when we’re talking money, ice… More

Asking Questions

Remember how, as a student listening to a lecture, your attention drifted between the words of the professor and sundry… More