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152002Volume 15, Issue9November 2002

Presidential Column

Susan T. Fiske
Susan T. Fiske
Princeton University
APS President 2002 - 2003
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Isolation, Interdisciplinarity, Inspiration

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    Disaster Response and Recovery

    Disasters like Hurricane Florence and Typhoon Mangkhut draw massive media coverage, trauma interventions, and financial donations to victims. But psychological research shows the efforts don’t always yield the intended benefits.

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  • Isolation, Interdisciplinarity, Inspiration

    Peter Glick is approaching his 18th year of teaching at Lawrence University, an undergraduate only liberal arts college of about 1400 students. In this guest column, he reflects on doing research in that setting, drawing in part on how the setting necessitates bridges between areas in psychology and even to other social sciences and the humanities. This column is the third in a continuing series about psychological science across areas and disciplines. - Susan Fiske APS President Many APS members are intimately familiar with the particular challenges (a popular euphemism for frustrations, difficulties, and obstacles) of establishing a research career at a small liberal arts college.