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Volume 12, Issue5May/June 1999

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    Myths and Misinformation

    How does misinformation spread and how do we combat it? Psychological science sheds light on the mechanisms underlying misinformation and ‘fake news.’

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    One of the great things about being in academia is that you never know for sure what each day is going to bring. Just recently I opened a letter from APS Fellow Robert Kleck, chair of psychology at Dartmouth College. He told of plans for the formal dedication, later this summer, of a new campus facility devoted entirely to the Department of Psychology and the Center for Cognitive Neurosciences. After the building is dedicated, there would be a symposium on "Psychological and Brain Sciences in the 21" Century." He wondered whether I could speak for 40 minutes on this subject. Really ?, I thought. Me? Predict the future of psychological science? What do I know about the future? Do I even know five minutes worth, let alone 40? How do we begin contemplating the future of a discipline? Can we predict with any hope of accuracy?

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